HoReCa – Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés. Wine, being a splendid completion of meals and meetings, is nearly a necessity in the menus of all these places.

Working with us means choosing complex and individualized service.

The key element to start cooperating is to meet.

During the initial meeting we are able to analyze and determine your demand for particular products fitting the profile of your business. The style and atmosphere of your hotel, restaurant, or café as well as the cuisine is taken into consideration while preparing the offer directed strictly at your needs and creating a unique wine list.

Wine selection is based on the universal rules of matching wines with food as well as your personal preferences.

The next step is to confront our offer with your expectations during tasting.

As we treat all of our clients individually, they are welcome to negotiate the prices of the products we have on offer.

Apart from selling exquisite wines we also provide our clients with a wide range of additional services, such as conducting wine-tasting events etc.

We heartily invite restaurant, hotel, pub and café owners to work with us!